Ici, c’est la France! and Washington’s War

         Mike and I were making our way through his game collection, playing all the stuff he hadn't been able to play.  From sailing ships to late 50's conflicts, we finished them up with Ici c'est la France! and Washington's War.   Ici c'est la France! After the fantastic Dien Bien Phu … Continue reading Ici, c’est la France! and Washington’s War

VotG 14 Pavlov’s House

  So, Pierce Mason and I are currently playing the TAC scenarios in order by pbem,  it was inevitable that he and I would be matched up in the VASLeague tournament that is put on annually by Enrico Catanzaro.  Difference here being that we have to play live over VASL.  Not a problem We chose … Continue reading VotG 14 Pavlov’s House