BFP-72 Police Action

  My next opponent in the CYBERvasl tournament was Martin Kristensen.  We chose BFP-72 from the Blood and Jungle pack by Bounding Fire Productions.  B&J is a very popular scenario set featuring scenarios set in the Pacific theatre. This scenario is an all infantry affair, taking place on two half boards.  I must say, this … Continue reading BFP-72 Police Action

WO16 Wildcat Strike.

  After putting out the call for an opponent for a PTO scenario, Ken Dunn answered and said he would be up for a game.  We chose WO16  Wildcat Strike from one of the Winter Offensive packs.  This is an American - Japanese affair with some nice toys, played on two half boards.  6.5 turns, … Continue reading WO16 Wildcat Strike.

Festung Budapest. CGIII City of Eternal Heroes. 3 Feb, 1945

  Mike and I sat down to slug it out in the streets of Budapest for day 2 of our CG.  As recounted in my last blog entry on this CG, I had made fairly solid progress in the north (the Russian right) against some less than eager Hungarian troops, and while they put up … Continue reading Festung Budapest. CGIII City of Eternal Heroes. 3 Feb, 1945

TAC 6 Counterattack at Villers-Bocage

  Let me start by saying I just must have missed something, because I didn't get this scenario. It looks great on paper.  British, Germans, Normandy.  Hedgerows, elite infantry, Cromwells, Tigers and a Firefly.  Sweet, right? It was my turn to attack, and so my German infantry and armor of Schwere SS Panzer-Abteilung 101 were … Continue reading TAC 6 Counterattack at Villers-Bocage