J162 African Brothers – Dicing 101

  My old friend Will Willow and I got paired up in another on-line tournament and we chose African Brothers for our game. J162 is set in Kenya, in 1940 and features a skirmish between the King's African Rifles  and elements of Africa Orientale Italiana.  Three boards, including one of the 'Fort' boards set the … Continue reading J162 African Brothers – Dicing 101

A61 Across the Wire

  Jeff Buser and I play on Sunday evenings.  Jeff is a better player than I am, but we get along good and he will play anything, anytime, anywhere.  We originally got together on-line playtesting some future French stuff for Steve Swann, then he picked up a couple of night scenarios with me.  After the … Continue reading A61 Across the Wire