SASL Campaign. Mission- Cautious Advance. June 1941. 1.0

So let’s get this thing rolling. I am starting my SASL (Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader) campaign. I have chosen to go with the Wehrmacht in June 1941 kicking off Operation Barbarossa. I am using the suggested Kompanie composition from the module and instead of a random pick for the first scenario, I have chosen to use Cautious Advance, the first scenario, as it fits my narrative. As for that narrative, I’m not going to get too deep into it. This will be a generic unit on the eastern front, but I will be naming the leaders and heroes because the unit moves from scenario to scenario, one per month until it is wiped out, or we reach the end of the war. (betting on the former, for the record)

My mission is to score more points than the Russian enemy by taking Victory Point Objectives (VPO) knocking out enemy guns and vehicles and adding mapboards as we advance.

My initial map chosen at random was map 16, very suitable for the narrative, an open board which presents problems for the attack. A lot of open ground that has to be traversed. The dice gave me two VPO locations, but put them on opposite ends of the map, great.

My plan is to assault the closest one to my map entry edge, then swing lengthwise crossing the grain to get to the other.

This scenario is at least 10 turns, so I’ve got plenty of time even if other boards are added. I’ve got to keep that in mind as I move forward. Since I have to cross open ground to get to the first VPO and I am not required to enter everyone on turn 1, we are going to crawl onto the board, doing my best to avoid possible long range activation from the building in the center of the map. Giving the enemy a free heavy machine gun when I don’t have to would be typical of my gameplay, but I’m going to avoid it if I can. I’m going to move my own HMG into the woods to get a look at the first VPO and knock out any Russians that pop their heads up.

A note here, I started with the map facing this direction, when I went to add another map, I realized right away that I couldn’t put another map on top so I had to rotate it. When we get to the pictures where I have added the next map, I will be attacking from the top. I have figured out how to make it like I want it next time, but have to settle this time.

Two quick enemy activations break my scout half squad but a panic on a Russian conscript allows me to get on the board in the advance phase in good shape. My mortars and HMG get into position.

I screwed up the logfile, but have a couple of pictures I clipped. Advancing fire and defensive fire netted me some Russian casualties and a broken half squad, but I couldn’t get a tough conscript to break during turn one or top of turn two.

A couple of nil activations in the middle opened it up for my guys to move forward. The Russian squad that popped up in level 1 in the center building had a shot in it’s turn one prep fire but panicked, allowing me to get a nice shot in defensive fire, breaking him and sending him packing.

Turn two and I get a random event. Panzers on the flank. Now we’re talking, a pair of PZIIIs roll on board and start getting fire on the VPO location. It’s just a matter of time before the first VPO is mine now.

An enemy 8-0 leader and a 628 and a 458 squad show themselves in the center building. Russian prep nets no results and my HMG directed by Feldwebel Hofmann cuts them down with some timely rate of fire.

At this point I realize I have to roll for a possible new board to be added. I was hoping for 17 or maybe 18, but my fears are realized when I get board 6. Damn……

Talk about a different experience when we get there. Two more VPO locations come with the board but at least neither of them are in the Chateau. At least one of them looks like it will be heavily defended. Even if only half of the enemy counters yield enemy units, it’s going to be tough.

Now the board will be flipped as noted earlier.

It looks like a toughy.

Remembering the command rule is getting me right now, but other than that, it’s not too tough rules wise.

Thanks for reading. More later.

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