Time to get playing

A short note, kind of for myself to get my butt moving on some games.

Since my Fields of Fire campaign practice game, things have gotten a bit busy for me and I have so much to play.

In November, my mom was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer, which had spread to her lungs and a bit to the brain. I was out of the loop for a while there and after we got her back home, we were able to manage it pretty good with us making weekend visits. Everything was going pretty well, then in January, she had a small stroke, so I went back and stayed with her for a while. Then the home heath nurse determined that she shouldn’t be home alone, so we brought her to stay with us while she recovered. Her last chemo visit showed incredible results. Her tumors were all shrinking, with one tumor in her lungs having been reduced by 90%. The Oncologist was positively giddy. He said that very few people responded to the treatment as well as she has. She has been cleared to return home and we check in with her every morning and her sister checks in every night. We are very happy that she is doing so well.

With that, the opportunity for me to get back to gaming is upon me and with Southeast Kansas in the deep freeze right now, I hope to be able to get to it. Solitaire is what I have available to me right now, so here are the games I plan to get to.


I’ve had solitaire ASL for a long time. I dabbled in it a couple of times, but back then, with me being younger, with two daughters still in the house, time was an issue. I’m going to start the campaign, playing a couple of turns every few days and posting the results here. I was going to start with an American company, but have decided to go with a German Kompanie instead as they are the most forgiving units in ASL (outside of the American Marines of course). I will start my campaign with the start of Barbarossa in June of ’41 with each scenario representing an action per month. BTW, I just picked up SASL 2nd edition from MMP after they found some ziplock copies in the warehouse. Been trying to get it for a long time, not easy to find.

Fields of Fire

If you’ve read my last post here, you know of this one. My 9th Infantry GIs will attempt to make their way towards Germany in a campaign.

Redvers’ Reverse

You may not be familiar with this title. Set in 1899 during the Second Anglo-Boer war, a large contingent of British troops attempt to cross the Tulega River in the Battle of Colenso. I had the opportunity to pick this up during a Legion Wargames sale. It has received good reviews, and is apparently very difficult to win. I look forward to getting this one played. Legion has some excellent games, and I pick them up when I can.

Now a couple of not exclusively solo games I will be trying to solo-

OCS Korea

My two best friends have been playing OCS (Operational Combat Series) from Multiman Publishing / The Gamers for years and I have just started messing around with it, hoping to play for real soon. Mike told me to have a go solo at the Korea module (he has been showing me the ropes with Baltic Gap), so I have picked out one of the smaller scenarios and will give it a try.

The Dark Sands

A two player game that is easily solo’d. This game is quick moving and fun. It is a game I am interested in playing well, hopefully able to give a solid account of myself when I play it against a real opponent. I have started it twice with an opponent and really like it.

Stalingrad ’42

A GMT game that gets a lot of play since it’s release. Definitely want to play it, and it can be solo’d pretty easy, so I’ve heard. Currently reading the rules, and after a couple of short solo tries I will look for an opponent.

Non war-games-

Cthulhu Death May Die

I just want to play it and it has been on my shelf for a year or so.

All of these games besides Cthulhu will be on VASSAL. Ambitious? Yes. Will I get to all of them. Probably not. But I need to have a plan, or I won’t get to any of them.

Thanks for reading.

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