I am calling it quits for this blog.

To those who read what I write. Thank you for sticking with me even as my posts have gotten father and farther apart. I thought my life was going to get slower as I got older, but that just isn’t the case.

There are a bunch of reasons for ending my blog, but the biggest one is motivation. By the time I get done with each day, I’m not interested in writing here.

Life has gotten in my way, so when the fee for this blog comes up I won’t be re-newing. I know there are free blog platforms out there, but it isn’t the cost, it is the lack of motivation.

Once again,

Thanks. Be careful out there.

6 thoughts on “I am calling it quits for this blog.

  1. Hey there.
    Love your writing.

    I have a suggestion, that I’d like to share . But in private.
    Pop me an email at bigboardgaming@ gmail.com
    Best kevin


  2. Sad to hear. Your ASL posts were instrumental in my adoption of the game, and even though your posts were infrequent I very much looked forward to seeing a new one turn up (this blog was part of my daily rss feed). Good luck for the future.


  3. Roy .. say it ain’t so!! .. Going to miss following your many gaming adventures. Good luck and as always roll ’em low ya’ll


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