Vietnam 1965-1975 Reboot

Mike and I have decided to suspend our playing of Victory Games' Vietnam 1965-1975.  The reasons are pretty basic. When playing the campaign, this game can take upwards of 120 hours to complete, so you better not gack the beginning.  Looking at where we were and what had transpired so far, we determined that Mike's … Continue reading Vietnam 1965-1975 Reboot

Vietnam 1965-1975: part 2, Summer 1965

After our first evening with Vietnam 1965-1975 by Victory Games, we were able to get down to the actions on board during our second night.  Both of us have been reading all the guides and after action reports we can get our hands on.  This campaign generally takes over 120 hours if it is played … Continue reading Vietnam 1965-1975: part 2, Summer 1965